Crate Hire

  • Standard Lidded Crate
    Standard Lidded Crate

    If you're looking for a tough, secure and weatherproof crate, choose the Standard Lidded Crate....


    Per Week: £1.19

    Special Price: £0.98(exc vat)

  • Stair Carry Crate
    Stair Carry Crate

    Stairs can always pose a problem when attempting to move and transport items. The Stair Carry...


    Per Week: £0.98

    Special Price: £0.88(exc vat)

  • Computer Crate
    Computer Crate

    Having to move a desktop PC can be a nightmare, all those parts and cables, as well as any...


    Per Week: £4.90

    Special Price: £4.41(exc vat)

  • Flat Screen IT Crate
    Flat Screen IT Crate

    For all those flat screen PC users, if you need to move office or house, choose a crate designed...


    Per Week: £5.11

    Special Price: £4.60(exc vat)

  • Lidded Metre Crate
    Lidded Metre Crate

    Similar to the Book Mover, but with an integrated lid, the Lidded Meter Crate from Juno Crates...


    Per Week: £2.31

    Special Price: £2.08(exc vat)

  • Personal Crate
    Personal Crate

    Need something small, compact, easy to fill and carry? The Personal Crate from Juno Crates is the...

    £0.70(exc vat) per week
  • All Rounder Crate
    All Rounder Crate

    Looking for storage that is simple and quick to use, the All Rounder Crate is the starting option...

    £0.98(exc vat) per week
  • The Book Mover
    The Book Mover

    The prospect of moving hundreds of books might be a negative one, but it needn't be with the Book...


    Per Week: £1.54

    Special Price: £1.37(exc vat)

Juno Crates offers a crate rental service which aids customers with their home or business move and re-location. Our crates will arrive with you the very next business day and can be collected once you have completed your move. 

Junos' Crates are highly commended in the commercial industry, thanks to their strong, durable and protective nature. Crates are produced from tough polypropylene and offer the best protection when undertaking long transportation. 

We offer a range of different styles and sizes of crate, ranging from 25 to 165 litres, some specifically designed for items such as Flat Screen Monitors and Desktop PCs. Our computer crates tend to be the most popular type of crate rented. 

Crate rental is an incredibly flexible and cost effective way of ensuring your possessions are protected when moving.