Packing Accessories

  • Easy Peel Labels (10 per Sheet)
    Easy Peel Labels (10 per Sheet)

    Now where did we pack the...? It can be tricky locating items whether moving house or relocating...

    £0.80(exc vat)
  • Security Seals
    Security Seals

    If you need a little extra security when transporting and moving items, choose Security Seals...

    £0.08(exc vat)
  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap

    Protect all those delicate items with a Roll of bubble wrap from Juno Crates. Our Bubble Wrap is...

    £14.99(exc vat)
  • Anti Static Bubble Wrap Bag
    Anti Static Bubble Wrap Bag

    When transporting electircal items such as PCs and laptops, Juno Crates always suggests the use...

    £1.18(exc vat)
  • Keyboard Bag
    Keyboard Bag

    Protect your electrical items, especially computer keyboards, with our plastic Keyboard Bags....

    £0.70(exc vat)

It's not just about finding the right products to pack items in when re-locating, but protecting those delicate and breakable possessions. 

Juno Crates offers a range of packaging to aid the transportation of items from A to B. For businesses, we offer a range of specialist packaging, such as PC Crates, Keyboard bags, Flat Screen Protection bags, Anti-Static Bags and bubble wrap. This ensures that items are fully protected and safe whilst in transit. 

Juno Crates also provides labels and security tags, so, not only are your items packed safely, but you know exactly where to find everything. Security tags ensure your items are secure and have not been tampered with during the process of moving.