Handling Equipment

  • Rubber Topped Skate
    Rubber Topped Skate

    You've managed to fill a stack of crates, but now how are you going to move it from A to B? With...

    £5.81(exc vat) per week
  • Plastic Crate Dolly
    Plastic Crate Dolly

    If you have decided to hire our All Rounder Crates or Standard Lidded Crates, you should consider...

    £5.95(exc vat) per week
  • Sack Barrow
    Sack Barrow

    The Sack Barrow from Juno Crates is a must have tool for every industry. It enables you to move...

    £9.99(exc vat) per week
  • Metal Lipped Skate (LC6/A6)
    Metal Lipped Skate (LC6/A6)

    If you have chosen to use the Book Mover Crate or Standard Lidded Metre Crates for...

    £5.81(exc vat) per week
  • Multi Purpose Roll Cage
    Multi Purpose Roll Cage

    You've got crates, boxes and bags of items that need to be moved. Rather than create a chain or...

    £17.08(exc vat) per week
  • Security Cage
    Security Cage

    If you need to move and transport a range of items with ease, the Security Cage from Juno Crates...

    £17.57(exc vat) per week
  • Library Trolley
    Library Trolley

    If you need to move lots of books and other similar items, the Juno Crates' library trolly is...

    £17.57(exc vat) per week
  • Folding Library Trolley
    Folding Library Trolley

    Need to be able to load and then unload at the other end? The Folding Library Trolley from Juno...

    £17.57(exc vat) per week

Once you've managed to pack your Juno Crates in an orderly fashion, you may need to be able to stack and move crates with ease. We offer a range of handy tools that will make shifting those heavy crates a breeze. 

Juno Crates offers Skates, dollies and trollies, which enable moving heaving crates simple and efficient, minimising any strain from lifting and carrying. Our skates and trollies are designed specifically to move our crates and provide a safe way to manoeuvre heavy weights. We also offer cages and library trollies to transport goods. 

For a range of handling equipment, choose Juno Crates, for safe, simple ways of moving and re locating your personal and business possessions.