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  • Cost Effective

    Saving money is something on all of our customers minds. Juno Crates offers a cost effective way of providing products and services for those in the process of moving home or relocating offices. You can save yourself a pretty packet hiring crates and packaging from Juno Crates.

  • Crates direct to you

    Whether a planned move, or a last minute rush, Juno Crates can have your order delivered right to your front door, the next day. Once you've finished using our hire Crates, we will come and collect them from you. Simple, efficient and cost effective, Juno Crates makes packing and moving possessions a breeze.

  • Superior Products

    Juno Crates offers only the strongest, most durable and quality products. We realise the importance of safety and protection when transporting personal and business goods from A to B. All of our products are of the highest quality and the lowest rental prices.